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Q. What is your style of Wedding Photography? Traditional or Reportage? ...and what does that word mean, anyway? DaveBulow at work, Yaxley Hall. -
                                DaveBulow Photography

Leiston Abbey - DaveBulow

Orwell Park School - DaveBulow

DaveBulow Wedding Photography
A. I try to capture a range of styles, from traditional/formal, reportage (photo-journalistic, capturing the events as they happen), and fashion (a more stylised, partly directed approach to shooting the couple and bridal party). However, if your preference is particularly towards one style of photography more then another, it can certainly be arranged.

Will you shoot traditional family groups?
Yes, unless you really don't like them. We will shoot the most common combinations by default, but requests can be included.

What happens if it rains?
Among the things I will discuss with you, the couple, during our 'pre-wedding chat' (approximately one month before the wedding) is wet weather options - alternative (generally indoor) locations, such as for family group shots. I have studio lights and other equipment suitable for indoor work.

When should I book my photography?
I'd recommend booking a photographer as soon as the date of your wedding is certain. As with most photographers, I work on a 'first come, first served' basis. Once a completed booking form/contract is received, with corresponding deposit, your date is safe.

Why do you supply two photographers?
For many reasons. For example, some combinations of shots are impossible to achieve with only one photographer (despite my best efforts, it's simply not possible for me to be in two places at once).
There are often also some great 'alternative angles' on scenes to be found. It's often the case that the bride and groom really like the look of these less formal photos, as taken by a second photographer.
It's also a great insurance. The second photographer is there to 'back up' the most important shots in the very unlikely event of equipment failure, accidents or illness.

Can I order a CD with all the photos on?
You certainly can. In fact, all DaveBulow Photography packages now include a CD featuring all images. Please read on...

Q. Can I make my own prints from the CD you supply?
A. Absolutely! You will always receive a CD featuring the full resolution, fully edited & optimised images. You will also find enclosed with your disc a letter of permission allowing you to make prints, canvases, posters, or anything else you like at your local photo lab. Most law-abiding photo labs will ask to see such a letter before allowing you to print your own photos from a professional source.
Services will vary from photographer to photographer, so a few things you would be wise to check when booking your photographer and purchasing a 'CD' of your images are these:
  • Will I get all good photos or just a selected few?
  • Will I have to pay extra for the ones I actually want?
  • Will I get full, high resolution images (the same as those the photographer keeps) or will he only supply smaller versions, limiting me to smaller print sizes due to resolution issues?
  • Will every image on the disc be fully optimised, ready to print? (Even some top photographers only edit images if they are to be printed, thus saving them time, but this means the images you receive on disc are largely unedited and not of optimum quality).
  • Will I have permission to print anything and everything, or is this right limited or even completely withheld?
  • Am I allowed to share these images with my friends and family, and are they also allowed to print from the images?
You may be surprised at the answers you get. Be assured, though, that with DaveBulow Wedding Photography you will always receive a disc of all images, fully optimised & post-processed, at their full, high resolution. You have my full permission to print or share any or images with family and friends.

Q. How soon after the Wedding will I get my photos?
A. All your images will be ready, edited and supplied to you on disc, generally within one month of your wedding. You, as the couple, get to see the photos first. A gallery will be made available online via this website for you to show your wedding photos to your family and guests. This gallery will be password protected (and the password divulged only to you). You can share the password with whoever you wish. If and when you would like the password removed, just say the word!

Q. What is 'Digital Darkroom' editing and will you do this to all my wedding photos?
A. 'Digital Darkroom' is what I call the process all your photos will go through after the wedding date, and before you see them. It's so named because it's far more than just tweaking a few colours, and turning a few photos black & white. It more accurately resembles the manner of work in which negatives used to be handled, individually, in the 'old days' of enlargers and darkrooms. Each chosen negative would go through individual adjustments for contrast and maybe colour. Some individual areas within images would receive special attention, known as burning and dodging, to lighten, darken, and selectively improve contrast, creating beautiful prints. It was an artform in its own right.
Thankfully these days the process is a little quicker, and there are far more possibilities than ever before! But with your wedding photos, each image still gets optimised individually by hand (on a computer screen), burned & dodged digitally, and carefully edited until I'm totally satisfied. No image goes untouched. You receive all the finished, edited images on your disc, meaning that the photos you print should (if printed on a decent printer), look just as good as those I could print myself, without requiring any further work.

Q. How can I reduce the cost of my wedding photography?
A. Please check the prices page regularly for special offers & discounts on wedding photography. Or, if you prefer, visit my blog and subscribe to either Email updates or the RSS Feed, as news of any special offers & discounts will be posted there first.

Q. What happens if there is an emergency meaning you can't come?
A. While hopefully this won't occur, there's unfortunately no way of ruling it out, hence it's a valid question! Actually I'm part of a small and select network of photographers. Should it ever be unavoidably necessary to do so, I would contact one of these photographers, all of whom I would trust to shoot your wedding to a very high standard, and they would, along with my already assigned second photographer, take care of photography on the Wedding Day itself.
Should this hopefully very unlikely situation occur, all further work of post-processing the images (photo optimisation) would still be performed by myself, thus the overall look to your images would be in keeping with the style you would expect from DaveBulow Photography.

Q. Where are you based and how far are you willing to travel for a wedding?
A. DaveBulow Wedding Photography is based in Ipswich, Suffolk, but I'm willing to travel anywhere in the UK or even abroad in some cases. If your wedding is taking place more than 100 miles (traveling distance) from Ipswich or requires extensive traveling between venues then an expenses fee may apply.

Do you do Engagement Shoots?
A. Yes! An engagement shoot is a great way for you to get to know me as your photographer, and likewise for me to get to know you. Please check the prices page for details and occasional special offers!

Do you do 'Trash The Dress' sessions?
A. Yes. Going by various names, such as 'Trash The Dress', 'Cherish The Dress', 'Treasure The Dress', 'Rock the Frock' and many more, a post-wedding photo shoot of the couple is a really fun way to make the most of your photography. If you've paid for an engagement shoot but haven't taken advantage of it, then you can turn it into a post-wedding shoot instead! Please see the prices page for details and occasional special deals.

I notice you're not a member of the MPA (Master Photographers Association) or the SWPP (Society of Wedding and Portrait Photographers). Why is that?
That's a very interesting question. It's also quite a long one, which is why I'm saving it until last. Even among photographers the explanation is a matter of personal opinion. I'll try to keep mine as brief as possible!

You've probably seen the logos of many different photographic societies on many photographers' websites. In the past (in the days before photographers had portfolios on their websites) these qualifications were much more useful than I believe they are now, since, without seeing a physical portfolio, it was hard to get a real impression of the photographer you would be booking. Would they disappoint? How could you know? Various societies were set up to 'approve' photographers to help with this issue. These days things are a little different.

While I would never criticise any photographer for joining one of these societies, the reason I don't is this: Photographers are required to submit a handful of photographs each year (and pay a regular fee each month) to be allowed to carry one of these 'qualifications'. The standards of work required to join are understandably (considering these societies are commercially run) not designed to be too difficult to achieve, meaning it's not really (in my humble opinion) a very accurate gauge of photographic skill. Instead, I personally recommend couples (including those not eventually booking with me) to look for a photographer whose style and standard of photography they particularly admire. These days it's not so difficult to do, considering most good photographers have portfolio websites.

Your question wasn't answered? Then please contact me.

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